Accelerate your Web marketing in Japan

  • Link building* 

  • Web article(SEO)

  • Localization

  • Research

  • Outreach

  • Translation

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*ANCHOR is specialized in Link building(Backlink management).

We create native advertisements (contents) and enhance your Domain Authority.

Or, if you need to spread your service to Japan, We can localize your contents. Please send us a message from the inquiry form below. 

Need a Japanese business partner?


Shodai Morishita

Hi! I am Shodai Morishita, a web-writer and translator. 


Are you looking for a business partner in Japan?

Feeling difficulties to outreach Japanese clients or prospects? 

If you need someone to work with for your web marketing and promotion, I can help you with writing web articles and translating web contents into Japanese. 

ANCHOR is not a company, but a team of freelances. And, I organize the ideal number of team, depending on your project. So, don't worry if you have tons of web articles to write or translate. 

I've been working with Web marketing companies in Japan but also with a company in Europe as well. 

Also, It doesn't have to be only about online marketing or SEO. I have years of experience in trading. I am able to communicate with you Japanese clients via email, phone, or I negotiate with them in person. 

The idea is simple. YOU have a Japanese partner for your business even though you don't hire local people and manage them.

Please feel free to contact me. I would be happy to talk with you for the outcome. 



ANCHOR has worked with WMG, a part of IDHL group. 

We also have worked on projects of companies

in Marta, Hong kong and The U.S. 


Thank you!  We will reply to you within 2 working days.